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The name “A New Start” was decided on in the mid-1990s prior to incorporation. It is a name that breathes hope to those going through a social or financial problem. After acceptance of the problem, the resulting solutions will create “a new start” and a reset in life. At some point, in all of our lives, we all have needed “a new start” in something. This is very much in line with our Human Trafficking projects where the survivors will have “a new start” in life. Our mission is to simply bring permanent solutions to societal problems. We are problem solvers.


Our institution was founded by a group of professionals with talents ranging from accounting, business, public administration, public relations, marketing, policing, education, community outreach, military, and law. We intend to bring a different set of business values and collaborative efforts in order to solve societal problems.


To empower and equip society with solutions to societal issues…


We envision a world where community based organizations actively collaborate together and work in unison to find solutions to societal problems that are innovative, appropriate, sustainable, and tackle problems at the root cause.


  • To create a world where no one is discriminated for anything

  • To create a coalition of good amongst community based organizations and community stakeholders

  • To fight all injustice and threats to Democracy and the Rule of Law 

  • To solve the problem of poverty

  • To foster Environmental Stewardship

  • To empower women and LGBTQ+ individuals

  • To provide opportunities for youth, elderly, homeless, veterans, background ineligible, and disabled persons

  • To lend a hand in solving other various societal problems



Judith Blasco, BSN

Chief Executive Officer

Winnie profile.jpg

Andrew Hoo, BSTM, LCAM

Winnie Tang, BSCIS

Executive Director 

Co-Executive Director &

Director of Civic Engagement and Cultural Affairs

Ann professional pic1.jpg

Ann Charleus, JD

Chief Operating Officer &

Director of Women Empowerment and Entrepreneur Programs


IMG_6308 (2).JPG

Angel Myers, MSEL

Director of STEAM Education/Programs

Tony profile.jpg

Sgt. Tony Barefield

Director of Veteran Outreach/Programs


Robert picture.jpg

Robert Woder

Director of LGBTQ+ Programs


Jeff Willard, PA

Director of Tax Resolution & Accounting Services

Camal Falih.jpg

Camal – Falih Sarangani, BSc

Project Manager – Philippine Programs


  • Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition (Atlanta entity)

  • Institut d’Apprentissage Phedepe Auguste (Haitian entity)

  • The Lower 9th Ward Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association (New Orleans entity)

  • Fundacion Global Founders Network Dominicana (Dominican Republic entity)

  • City of Miami Police Department

  • Global Futures Network (India entity)

  • DeVry University



Please Donate. Every dollar counts and goes directly to those that need it the most.


We and your local community are in need of your skills. Please kindly donate your pro bono hours to help support our programs and help your local community overall.


Not only do we partner with other community based organizations and community stakeholders, we also value strategic corporate partnerships that help further community impacts. For example, we have corporate partnerships with various employers to help our homeless, veteran, background ineligible, and disabled clients gain employment and we are actively forging relationships with various companies to leverage technology to create environmental repair.

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